Saturday, July 21, 2007

Time For a Bath!

Its 1 a.m. and I am not tyred at all, so I decided to test out my extramly sufisticated Balls Bath. I set up the Bath as described in the last post. Put on some nice music, and droped my balls in. Thene something happened I didn't expect. It felt really extreamly hot! I continued any way. Throung out the 45 minutes I felt quite uncomfortable, I also had to hold the bath as it didn't quite reach the shower floor. A big problem was keeping the water the right temprature. I generaly stayed in the 38 - 48 deg. C range. At times it got way hot and I had to get out temporarily. Let me tell you it takes a lot of guts, whene I finaly relized, after 15 minutes of so, that the temp. was actualy correct and infact not 1,000 deg. C to hight I decided to suck it up and just stand the pain.

The end revield some scary effects:
Bright Red - Orange Scrotum
the back of my testicals where a bit lumpy Lumpy Testicals

They where a bit soar, but in the morrning I was happy to see that they haddn't fallen off of my body and had actualy returned to their normal state (no more lumps, and normal color). Just need to wait a day, and I'll take an other sample. Hope fully I'm sterile! If not I'll be pissed, I quite literaly hard boiled my nuts for this, fuck!

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