Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Treatment log

Day Bath taken (True/False)
  1. T
  2. F
  3. T
  4. T
  5. T
    1. No music on this time... my sense of time was messed up. almost one week yay!
    2. Took a new sample! Great results
      1. Count: 35 YaY!!!!!!!!! that was unexpected
        1. as i mentioned b4 it takes 2 days to fully regenerate "ready to go sperm" and it has bean 5 days, plenty of time to regenerate, but that count stayed down! wooooohooooo!
      2. Mobility: 17 Score!!!!!
        1. Looks like a fucking war zone, most of the fuckers arn't moving at all hahahahah, 1/10 move strait, but slowly, and an other 1/10 move slowly in cyrcles hahahahha.
      3. I cant wait to see the result at the end of the 3rd week. I woulden't be suprised if it got to zero!
  6. T
  7. T
    1. Sunday today
  8. F
  9. T
    1. Took a new sample
      1. Count: 24
      2. Mobility: 10
  10. T
  11. T
  12. F
  13. T
    1. took a test be for the bath to see if missing bathis is bad... it is
      1. Count: 40
      2. Mobility: 75
  14. T
  15. T
  16. T
  17. T
  18. T (3 days left, but I might do an extra one cuz I missed a few)
  19. T
  20. T
  21. T (Yes! I made it, I'll try to do one extra 2morrow)

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