Monday, September 24, 2007

Post-Treatment, 40th day!!!!

First off
Sorry for not posting in a while, I cant exactly do a test ever day.... well I can but I'd get tired lol.

New Test Results!!!!!!
Alright, it's bean about 40 days since my final bath, and I am happy to say I have some new results. Also note that I am not doing any further treatment such as regular bathes.

I mentioned before that my microscope might have broke (because I couldn't find any sperm at all), so I took the time out to test this theory. I made a slide of a small leaf I got from a plant I forgot to water ahaha any way. I set it up, and was able to see it clearly under the microscope, on x10 and x40, which is the only zome setting I every had to use during all of the test I have done. Hence my microscope is working perfectly ya!

Note that this test was done about 1.5 days after a previous ejaculation, which is 0.5 days short of the time it takes to fully regenerate ones sperm count. I personally think it shouldnt make much of a difference. Besides I have done test with the same situation, and have still found a sperm count the same as I would expect if I had in fact waited 2 days. Next test I'll wait the 2 days. Now for the moment you have all bean waiting for! The results..... astounding! I found no sperm what so ever! I searched long and hard, and the most I found was a couple strange blob like things which could possibly be one of the following:
  • Extremely premature sperm (no tail, and a very deformed head)
  • Dirt, the more likely of the 2 (I work in my room, not a ultra clean laboratory)
So I'm still going strong, and I cant wait till next test. From now on I will probably be doing tests about a month apart, until I find an increase in sperm count, then I will do more frequent test until I return to full sperm count and mobility. I am also looking into getting a proper test done. I'll keep you updated.

Response to comments
I am happy to know that you all enjoy reading my blog, it really is a great thing to be able to take contraception into our own hands (as men). Thank you all for reading this blog and posting comments. here is my response to your comments:

I'd like to make a "spanish" version

That sounds like a great idea, pleas contact me at [removed] about the details and to give me you e-mail.

Did you dropped the treatment? Are you going to continue the method?

I am not doing any further treatment, meaning I am not taking any baths (except occasionally for pleasure duh... won't be 45 degrease) until my period of infertility ends. At that point I will decide if to continue or not, and assuming I do, I will do an other 3 week treatment. If the infertility period is acceptable long, no easier male contraceptives are released, and I am not to dam lazy then I will probably continue the treatment.

Have you heard about a complementary method of keeping the testicles outside the scrotum? (by keeping them inside the body)

Yes, basically your balls are constantly kept at b0dy temperature 37 C (which is higher than of the "working" testicle). This is enough to make you infertile. the medical term is Cryptorchidism here is the wikipedia page:

Do you have some kind of test results, like a table of sperm count?

All the results I have I have posted on this blog. Unfortunetly, because I am doing the test my self and am not a doctor, the results are rather primitive, and limited to count and mobility. I might put it all together, and make a graph in the future. If you'd like to help, e-mail me at [removed]

I read that the range is from 4-8 months for sterility...

In the origional test done by a swiss woman in India a long time ago it lasted up to 9 months. I'll keep doing test, and we'll see how long it lasts for me.

...I also read that following the period of sterility is a period of super fertility!

What the heat treatment does is disable cells in the testis that grow the sperm cells, the infertility period is simply the time in which thous cells are healing. Perhaps after being unused for so long these cells are able to work better. So what is the answer... an other three week treatment. it is an interesting theory (I haven't heard it b4), but it true shouldn't be do big of a problem.

Thank you all! Till next time, once again, here is my e-mail: [removed]


Anonymous said...

Seriously dude, you are me hero. Talk about "taking one for the team". Yay for science!

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Justin said...

When you achieve a state of infertility and no sperm is produced: are you also producing a reduced level of Testosterone?

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Tttttttt said...

Hey, just a few questions, I was wondering if you tested every month and how long the infertility lasted. Also how did you manage to keep the water at 46C for 45 min?

Tttttttt said...

Wow the comments are full of spam, it's like an infestation, hopefully you'll still answer!!! I'm seriously interested in this méthode, I'm gonna get a microscope and counting table thingy.

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