Saturday, July 21, 2007


Ok well I startd reading up on male contraceptives, and I think its about time we invent one of the, cuz lets face it we all hate condoms, and some girls you just can't trust (in which case you probably shouldent have sex...... mutch). So I found all these great pills that come out in like 10 yaers, if they pass about 1,000 test damit! What I did find was external heat. This I found quite interesting. for thoughs who dont know here is how it works:
take a 45 minute bath at 45 deg. C daily for 3 weeks.
Your sperm will be unable to swim for the next 7 monthes max.
You are officialy sterile
I decided to give it a go. With the help of some sientific equiptment I will document my sperm count and mobility.

I will also change the methos to something a bit more practical, I will use
constant water temprature! And I will only do one 45 minute bath.

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